Denver Coworks Holiday Party: December 11

Join Denver Coworks as we celebrate the season with our first-ever Holiday Party!

Where: Thrive Workplace Solutions, 201 Milwaukee Street
When: Wednesday, Dec 11, 6-10pm
Who: Any current coworkers, and those interested in learning more about coworking

Enjoy food, drink, fun and games with other Denver coworkers. New to the coworking scene? Stop by and check it out.

Come dressed as your favorite holiday character; there will be prizes for the best holiday costumes!

Donation is $5, plus an optional donation of a new or gently used book for our book drive for the Junior League.

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You’re invited to the season’s last BBQ.

On Wednesday October 23rd Denver Coworks is having a last hurrah at Creative Density. Car2Go, a new car sharing service in Denver, is providing all Denver coworkers with free food and snacks PLUS discounted Car2Go memberships. This is a great chance to eat some delicious food and get to know the great Denver coworking community.

The BBQ will go from 11am to 2PM at Creative Density at 1719 Emerson St. Facebook Event Link.


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Coworking in Baker? Together we can make it happen.


Be part of a
Baker coworking space
from the very beginning.

Be Heard! Take the Survey.

Two years ago I founded Creative Density in Denver’s Uptown neighborhood. With the help and support of dozens of excited people about the growing coworking movement we opened in June 2011. For six months leading to the opening we asked for votes on neighborhoods, what was important to them, and got together to talk about the space and the community we wanted to build. Now that we have one location that is growing and sustainable I want to help the coworking movement continue to grow with your support and input. After all, coworking is a community workspace for you – smart and amazing independent professionals, small businesses, and remote workers. Your voice not only matters but it is important and needed to create a collaborative coworking space.

In the last six months I’ve been looking at the Baker neighborhood and although spaces are limited the need for a collaborative workspace is needed. To start a space  we need 10 to 15 founding members and two or three anchor companies in order to have a community on day one. Why create a community collaborate workspace if no one is there or interested, right? That’s why we need to start talking now.

What’s needed to get started?

  1. Two or three ‘anchors’ that includes teams from 4 to 10. We might consider teams higher than 10 but larger teams might start to dominate the culture of a coworking space.
  2. 10 or more independent or remote workers. We want this to be a mix of different skill sets to create what I’ve called ‘Diversity of Thought, Diversity of Perspective.’ This is caused when people when different skill sets, processes, and resources start talking and working together. It helps us break out of our bubbles and innovate.
  3. A great space. The Baker area has several opening up along Broadway but it should be selected based on the input of future coworkers. It needs to be flexible, provide lots of open space, have some private offices, and some areas for quiet.
  4. Investors/real estate partners would be nice, but not required. We are looking for partners that believe in the coworking movement and  the coworking business model.  Please contact Craig for more details.

Interest has really been picking up in Uptown at Creative Density but we’ve ran out of room for teams and many members travel from the Baker area so that has sparked my interest lately. If Creative Density and coworking in Denver is going to keep growing we want to do it with the input of the members and be built by the community.

Please fill out the quick form below or feel free to contact me directly at 720-295-1798 or via email.

We will have a Baker coworking community meeting in the next few weeks to talk in person. If you have another highly recommended neighborhood, like LoHi or DTC, please let us know in the survey.

Craig Baute
Founder of Creative Density / Denver Coworks, a coworkingcoalition


Denver Coworking Week to Bring Local Flavor to Global Trend

Denver Coworks, a newly formed alliance of coworking spaces in Denver, will be hosting Denver Coworking Week, May 6-10, to educate and introduce people to the dynamic movement of coworking. Coworking spaces provide an alternative workplace environment for remote workers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, and creative professionals.

Each space will host events and tours free of charge, highlighting their unique offerings and demonstrating the benefits of working in a collaborative environment.

“Globally, coworking spaces are opening at the rate of nearly five new locations each workday,” says Craig Baute, owner of Denver’s Creative Density. “Membership has increased 117% in just the last year.”

These shared work environments bring together individuals from a variety of professions and become catalysts for networking, collaboration, innovation, and other synergistic connections. Shared values, interests, and goals can unite coworking members in a community atmosphere not often found in traditional office or individual work settings.

“Remote workers are realizing that there’s a beneficial alternative to working from home or in a coffee shop,” says Brian Lantzy, Vice President of Shift Workspaces. “Denver Coworking Week will let people experience the different coworking options available around town.”

Denver Coworking Week runs May 6-10, and each day features a unique space with events designed to instruct and empower business & creative professionals. A number of social activities including lunches, happy hours, and even a kickball tournament are also scheduled. These events will give participants entry into the great community environments that already exist in the spaces.

Full schedules and passports for attending Denver Coworking Week can be found at The passport gives participants free access to each space, as well as the opportunity to win a free month of coworking at the location of their choice.

About Denver Coworks:
Denver Coworks is an alliance of coworking spaces in Denver that are working to build awareness of the exciting coworking movement. They include Green Spaces, Creative Density, Shift Workspaces, The Desk, Thrive, and Converge Denver.

Craig Baute

Denver Ranked Third in Small-Business Vitality

Recently, the Business Journals publication ranked the nation’s 102 major metropolitan areas, giving the best scores to areas that are highly conducive to the creation and development of small businesses, with Denver ranking No. 3, just after Austin and Oklahoma City.

According to a recent article in the Denver Business Journal, Colorado’s strength is in its numbers; Colorado has one of the highest concentrations of small businesses in the nation. All those entrepreneurs feed off each other, get ideas from each other, and share employees back and forth within their industries.

This is good news for coworking in Denver, as more and more startups come to Colorado. Coworking spaces naturally provide environments conducive to gathering motivated, intelligent people to share best practices, collaborate, innovate and grow their businesses.

Confluence Denver Features Denver Coworks

Denver Coworks was featured in an article in Confluence Denver on January 23, 2013, written by Ivy Hughes.


Coworking Community Unites with Denver Coworks

Denver is one of only five cities with a coworking coalition designed to promote its plethora of coworking spaces while also creating a vast coworking community. In December, Denver joined Seattle, Toronto, Boulder and Austin in its efforts to foster a tight group of freelancers via a coworking coalition.

Within the last couple of years, Denver startups have done a remarkable job of creating a sense of community. But what about coworking spaces? We know they exist, but how are they existing in terms of community collaboration?In December, the creators of four of the city’s many coworking spaces formed Denver Coworks, a group of coworking spaces that works together to promote and support the city’s coworking spaces.

“We’re finally coming around to the realization that we’re stronger together,” says Craig Baute, owner of Denver’s Creative Density workspace. “If we work together we can grow the pie.”

So far, Creative Density, Green SpacesThe Desk and Shift Workspaces are involved in the Denver Coworks with interest from other coworking spaces, such as ThriveUncubed and Galvanize. Denver Coworks is one of only five such organizations in the country. Similar organizations exist in Boulder, Austin, Toronto and Seattle.

Denver Coworks is working on a marketing plan for Denver’s coworking spaces and will create events to bring the coworking community together.

“There’s a big freelance community that will come together and teach people how companies are using coworking spaces,” Baute says. “We want to integrate the community so they can be exposed to the other talent out there.”

In mid-May, Denver Coworks will host Coworking Week, which will feature panel discussions, events and an education series designed to help coworking me members and owners. A kickball team is also in the works.

“Everyone thinks we’re a coalition of startups,” Baute says. “But we’re really a coalition of freelancers.”

While the website is in the works, Baute and other collaborators are happy to answer questions. For more information, contact Baute via email or Creative Density on Twitter.

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Denver Coworks: An Alliance of Denver Coworking Spaces

Welcome to the Denver Coworks website. Denver Coworks was founded by Craig of Creative Density, Jennie of Green Spaces, Kristian of The Desk, and the entire crew of Shift Workspaces, with the intention of building awareness of coworking in the Denver community. By working together, we will help make each other better by sharing the lessons we’ve learned and discover new ways to better serve our members.

We invite you to tour the site, and then tour our actual spaces. You’ll find that Denver’s coworking community is diverse, with a variety of sizes, locations, and amenities, with something for everyone. Yet we all share a love for coworking and its potential to help businesses grow, innovate and make Denver an even better place to live.

If you have questions, comments, or information to share, please feel free to contact us.

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