Super Bowl Party at Thrive Ballpark!

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Thrive is very excited to announce that we are opening a new office! Thrive Ballpark is 24,000 square feet of flexible workspace, offices, conference rooms, lounge areas, a fitness center, a coffee shop, and so much more!

We will be open April 1, but are just so excited about it that we are inviting you to check out the space for a Super Bowl Party on Sunday February 1st! We will provide beer and some food, and encourage you to bring a dish to share!

Event Details:

  • Super Bowl XLIX – New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks
  • Date: Sunday February 1st
  • Time: 3:30 (game starts at 4:30)
  • Location: Thrive Ballpark @ 1415 Park Avenue West
  • RSVP: Super Bowl Party!

If you plan to bring your kids, let us know because we will get babysitters if we need too.

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Free Coworking Week at Thrive Cherry Creek January 12th-16th

RSVP through the following link

FINAL Coworking Week Flyer_010514


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    Creative Density expands with 5 new offices in Cap. Hill Creative Density expands with 5 new offices in Cap. Hill

    Creative Density expands with 5 new offices in Cap. Hill

Creative Density expands with 5 new offices in Cap. Hill

Summary: Creative Density expands at 800 Grant with 5 new offices and coworking desks. Two offices remain available for $750 to $1000 a month for teams up to 6.

Creative Density is growing again after just 6 months of their initial expansion into Capitol Hill in addition to their Uptown location. This time they are staying at 800 Grant but adding 5 more offices and a large central coworking area on the third floor. ‘We want to bring a fun and energy into the workspace.’ Craig Baute said when describing how Creative Density differs from other workspaces in Denver, besides the obvious  bright green walls and beautiful views.

‘We have a great coworking community in Uptown and we want larger teams to have that same experience in Capitol Hill with our offices. We have two current Creative Density teams moving into the new space and with that they’ll bring a friendly atmosphere that they have come to love at Creative Density.’ Baute goes on to explain this is the only way Creative Density grows. It helps Creative Density keep their culture while they grow.

As with any Creative Density location the terms are simple with one flat fee. Everything is included and as easy as Netflix to sign up for.

If anyone is interested in touring the space please contact Craig via email at or call 720-295-1798.

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    BDA Classes Expand into Denver BDA Classes Expand into Denver

    BDA Classes Expand into Denver

BDA Classes Expand into Denver

Boulder Digital Arts is excited to work with Thrive in Cherry Creek to bring their digital and creative classes to Denver. You can see all of their classes based on Adobe products, web design, and more at They are having a kickoff party on June 17th.




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    Denver Coworking Week, May 12-16, 2014 Denver Coworking Week, May 12-16, 2014

    Denver Coworking Week, May 12-16, 2014

Denver Coworking Week, May 12-16, 2014

Join the Denver Coworks alliance for our second annual Denver Coworking Week, May 12-16, 2014. We bring together independent workers and startups to help educate people on how coworking is benefitting the 21st century workplace.

Visitors are encouraged to sample 5 Denver coworking spaces during the week of May 12-16. Each space will host events and tours free of charge, highlighting their unique offerings and demonstrating the benefits of working in a collaborative environment.

Visit for the full schedule and to reserve your free tickets!

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    Creative Density Expands into Capitol Hill Creative Density Expands into Capitol Hill

    Creative Density Expands into Capitol Hill

Creative Density Expands into Capitol Hill

Once again another Denver Coworks member is expanding. This March  Creative Density will open it’s second location at 800 Grant St. with four private offices and several permanent desks. ‘Our new location is designed to be team friendly and serve groups up to five people but all the while creating a greater community of businesses that want to share and collaborate with other exciting businesses.’ Craig Baute, the owner, goes on to explain that Creative Density is built on the belief that bringing smart and friendly people together everyone wins with an increased energy and inspiration compared to traditional isolating offices.

Creative Density’s new location is located in a high-rise building but without the high prices. The private offices will be priced between $700 to $900 for private offices. Anyone that moves in March will receive their first month for only $500. That’s all inclusive with strong wifi, furnishings, meeting room space, and access to the Uptown location. Permanent desks will be priced at $300. If you are interested in a tour and layouts contact Craig Baute at 720-295-1798 or email

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    Colorado creates the first state-wide coworking membership. Colorado creates the first state-wide coworking membership.

    Colorado creates the first state-wide coworking membership.

Colorado creates the first state-wide coworking membership.

Denver Coworks and the Colorado coworking world is always innovating. We’re about to change the way dispersed teams and mobile professionals work and collaborate with the nation’s first statewide coworking membership. A portion of the proceeds will go to support the Denver and Boulder coworking alliances and others to build awareness of coworking’s benefits throughout the state.

The new Colorado Coworking Passport is a single membership that gives individuals and teams access to over a dozen independent coworking locations in six cities. Coworking has changed the way individuals and teams work, and now the Coworking Passport is a new way for larger companies to join the movement. Over 60% of professionals have some form of workplace flexibility, and more teams are dispersed without a central office than ever before. The Coworking Passport is a simple and affordable option that will change the way Colorado businesses approach workspace and collaboration.

Coworking spaces are shared work spaces where mobile freelancers, startups, and remote workers come together to work in vibrant environments. According to recent study by DeskMag, there are numerous benefits to leaving a home-office and coworking beside other smart and friendly people. Workers reported a boost in creativity, a healthier work/life balance, and an overall increase in productivity. Craig Baute, founder of Creative Density and the Passport, explains: “when a company is recruiting new employees, the Coworking Passport can be a deciding factor for candidates in competitive fields or with workers that can’t or don’t want to work from home. The Passport also expands recruiting opportunities for companies, by expanding their potential pool and workforce to the entire state, not just the city they’re located in.”  Baute goes on to say, “It has the potential to really change the way Colorado companies think about location while exposing their services and ideas throughout the state.”

The Coworking Passport is launching in January 2014. We’re excited to work with forward-thinking companies which have disbursed teams and remote workers. It starts at a low monthly cost of $350 per member and has passport spaces in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Parker, Durango, and Louisville. The Colorado Coworking Passport was founded by Craig Baute who started Creative Density in 2011 and the Denver Coworking Alliance.

If any individuals or companies are interested in joining the Colorado Coworking Passport please visit for more information, email, or call 720-295-1798.

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Denver Coworks Holiday Party: December 11

Join Denver Coworks as we celebrate the season with our first-ever Holiday Party!

Where: Thrive Workplace Solutions, 201 Milwaukee Street
When: Wednesday, Dec 11, 6-10pm
Who: Any current coworkers, and those interested in learning more about coworking

Enjoy food, drink, fun and games with other Denver coworkers. New to the coworking scene? Stop by and check it out.

Come dressed as your favorite holiday character; there will be prizes for the best holiday costumes!

Donation is $5, plus an optional donation of a new or gently used book for our book drive for the Junior League.

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You’re invited to the season’s last BBQ.

On Wednesday October 23rd Denver Coworks is having a last hurrah at Creative Density. Car2Go, a new car sharing service in Denver, is providing all Denver coworkers with free food and snacks PLUS discounted Car2Go memberships. This is a great chance to eat some delicious food and get to know the great Denver coworking community.

The BBQ will go from 11am to 2PM at Creative Density at 1719 Emerson St. Facebook Event Link.


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Coworking in Baker? Together we can make it happen.


Be part of a
Baker coworking space
from the very beginning.

Be Heard! Take the Survey.

Two years ago I founded Creative Density in Denver’s Uptown neighborhood. With the help and support of dozens of excited people about the growing coworking movement we opened in June 2011. For six months leading to the opening we asked for votes on neighborhoods, what was important to them, and got together to talk about the space and the community we wanted to build. Now that we have one location that is growing and sustainable I want to help the coworking movement continue to grow with your support and input. After all, coworking is a community workspace for you – smart and amazing independent professionals, small businesses, and remote workers. Your voice not only matters but it is important and needed to create a collaborative coworking space.

In the last six months I’ve been looking at the Baker neighborhood and although spaces are limited the need for a collaborative workspace is needed. To start a space  we need 10 to 15 founding members and two or three anchor companies in order to have a community on day one. Why create a community collaborate workspace if no one is there or interested, right? That’s why we need to start talking now.

What’s needed to get started?

  1. Two or three ‘anchors’ that includes teams from 4 to 10. We might consider teams higher than 10 but larger teams might start to dominate the culture of a coworking space.
  2. 10 or more independent or remote workers. We want this to be a mix of different skill sets to create what I’ve called ‘Diversity of Thought, Diversity of Perspective.’ This is caused when people when different skill sets, processes, and resources start talking and working together. It helps us break out of our bubbles and innovate.
  3. A great space. The Baker area has several opening up along Broadway but it should be selected based on the input of future coworkers. It needs to be flexible, provide lots of open space, have some private offices, and some areas for quiet.
  4. Investors/real estate partners would be nice, but not required. We are looking for partners that believe in the coworking movement and  the coworking business model.  Please contact Craig for more details.

Interest has really been picking up in Uptown at Creative Density but we’ve ran out of room for teams and many members travel from the Baker area so that has sparked my interest lately. If Creative Density and coworking in Denver is going to keep growing we want to do it with the input of the members and be built by the community.

Please fill out the quick form below or feel free to contact me directly at 720-295-1798 or via email.

We will have a Baker coworking community meeting in the next few weeks to talk in person. If you have another highly recommended neighborhood, like LoHi or DTC, please let us know in the survey.

Craig Baute
Founder of Creative Density / Denver Coworks, a coworkingcoalition